21 inch Waist Real Girl. Sexy Weekend. My New Hair.

Today, talking about the human hourglass waist and 20-21 inch waist girl, which I roughly am ;) Also, my sexy weekend story and pics of my new hair.

21 inch waist real girl

Ok, I guess not only that model Ioana Sch-something from Romania is known for her natural 20 inch waist for many girls in the world (I don't speak about kids and teens and ana's) have measurements like hers. Say, her chest and hips are 81cm which are close to my parameters. She's got bullied of course for going to extremes,  yes she's bony and too skinny but here I'm talking about the human hourglass waist which can be reached without removing ribs. Come on, even 48 cm waist can be come up to without surgery, suffice to eat clean and go in for sports, and that will do it! I don't think the girl suffers from unhealthy eating - she in fact states otherwise. Check her out, if you're interested. Just type in 20 inch waist girl and here you go!
So far, I am a 21 inch waist girl, and I am a real girl, all natural, no surgeries, no undernourishment, if anything, I can eat almost everything as long as I workout hard and not overeat. Also, my secret of slimness is eating little during dinner, 'cuz in this case you're sure to wake up feeling awesome in the morning. You'll like  your flat stomach and even see abs!
Yup, I have the reason to be proud of myself and boast, don't you think? ;) Also, still considering that sticky idea about reviving my weight loss tumblr, except this time it will contain snippets of diet & sport posts which will lead to another blog or my own site redhead.su. I'm gonna inform you what I come up with. My Blogger just doesn't seem to be very popular so I seriously regard moving from here. How about focusing on this very '21 inch waist' point and make it the title of my blog? Dunno... still hesitant as to if I should stay here, or move to Tumblr, or relocate to my site completely.

Sexy weekend

Finally! The weekend passed well at last so can be rightfully called true sexy weekend! The spell I'd planned to put on R. didn't go as desired because all was done in haste and the charm words together with the whole performance ended up messed, so I don't quite believe in its realization. Come what may.
Then, eating out at the jap food cafe (read a fuller version of that dinner at japanese cafe here) which turned out blah and even disappointing, milkshakes at McD's afterwards before we came to my place and, as you can guess, a sexy night with lots and lots of real lovemaking, my early morning workout and then some sexy pastime again. Waah... pretty fulfilling, if you ask me. So yup, I feel satisfied and happy. It's not the fact that I managed to come or that I got the so-desired anal sex at last (it's growing on me), it's about 2 different points. Point 1 - the sex we had at night was filled with tenderness and true love as R. kissed, embraced, caressed me while making love to me rather than plain screwing, which of course felt incredible and very much to my taste. I went to sleep in peace and satisfaction. After morning practice at the pool (jesus christ, I was close to throwing up after it because I trained insanely hard!) I felt unbelievably horny and tempted R. to have sex. Before I got my lion's share of anal I got probably the best present I can ever dream of from R. Guess what? Sucking his dickhead, and this is point 2. Sounds weird but still. I never get a chance to see his cock's head as he hates when I remove foreskin as it hurts, but this morning, oh god thank you, I got this blissful treat and enjoyed every second of it. Don't know who loved it more as I think I was close to cumming myself just pleasing him with my tongue, touching his head with my fingers gently, slowly, moaning, looking at this treasure. Seeing his head and the very tip is such a rare opportunity! I was in heaven. Also I believe I get all head-obsessed 'cuz when you are deprived of something for a very very long time you start to appreciate and love it twice as much, so I am all nuts about sucking dickhead. I'm absolutely blown away at such moments. What can be sexier than caressing that what is usually hidden by foreskin, so soft, so silky and... sacred... I have no more to say, I will just go to bed now overfilled with joy and rapture remembering those precious minutes of my sensual blowjob during the sexy weekend.

My new hair

As agreed, showing off my new hair. Not the color I wanted but the hairstylist explained the redder dye tints stay longer and I won't have to dye my hair over and over every week. Ok, I said, dye it the shade you suggest. While on my hair the substance was bright crimson so I thought heck no, I want carrot, I want orange, I want a complete opposite to what I'm gonna become. But hey, during blow drying the hue turned from reddish-brown to what it looks atm, see the pics. I am very pleased with the result, even though I still dream of that carrot-top I've always wanted to be! Say, Ebba Zingmark is a good example ;)
Still, I guess the color looks sharp, don't you find? ;) I tried red lipstick with my new hair color, not sure which clothes to wear with this makeup but gotta figure out till tomorrow.

 photo newhair10_zpsbebdf5e7.jpg

 photo newhair35_zps685d9cab.jpg

 photo newhair32_zps41029359.jpg

 photo newhair4_zpsc25c69ec.jpg