Day 120 - Weight loss - Light Dinner Rule

Day 120 - diet is not gonna be of use if I continue giving in to everyone's whines, cause family keep saying I'm terribly thin and hence, forcefeed me. Hell no, this 'Eat more, please eat more' had once led me to 63kg, and I'm not gonna step on the same rake twice for the price is too high and returning to that overweight state is the least thing I want. Miserable and so unhappy versus joyfulness and growing confidence - what do you think a normal person would choose? It's weird that in this case, contrary to a famous proverb, famiy do ill-advise. I know I only gain weight from constant snacking (even if it's just morsels) and it's strict diet that does work. Therefore, no sandwiches, no cookies, no small cakes, no yogurts during the day - for me it's breakfast and soup for dinner, and that's all. Apart from this, water and green tea as much as possible + swimming + much activity, cause it's by this method that I've dropped my odd kilos. Besides, scarce dinner assures you with lightness in your stomach and automatically you get better sleep at night, and as a result, you're hungry in the morning and can eat a pretty big breakfast with calories enough to keep you active thru the day. Sounds easy? Yeah.. but zipping your mouth past 6PM is much harder. But no way back, sweeties, spring's coming and we gotta be fully armed by then!