How to Cure Stomach Ache. Beautiful Wedding Bouquets Inspirational Pictures.

Today I'll tell you about how spring 2013 started for me (not too good since constant stomach ache has been bugging me), as well as show beautiful inspirational pictures of wedding bouquets and some other photos.

How to treat/cure a stomach ache?

Now let me start with a congatulatory message. Somehow I missed it and didn't say my greeting to spring here, on blogspot. So everyone, I congratulate you on Spring! An amazing season here! I wish you 3 wonderful months, enjoy yourself and take the best out of this time! And do not forget to excercise, summer is coming so you should be in perfect shape when it's here ;)
As for myself, I have set a harsh workout schedule, swimming 4 times a week, to train my booty, first and foremost. I want to wear shorts often this summer so a nice round bum is exactly what I gotta get by June ;) I'll tell you how my practice goes.
Besides, a new out-of-the-pool excercising program is what's on my mind. I'm so lazy I can't make a habit out of this home workout but this is something I ought to stick to.
One thing that appeared a few weeks ago and is being persistent is my stomach ache. not that I ever complained about it, that's why I don't know any ways how to treat or cure a stomach ache, so it brings me big discomfort when I'm suddenly hit by it at work. Which happened yesterday. Previously, relief came pretty quickly, a few cups of hot tea or a snack was usually how I treated a stomach ache but last time it popped up, too acute. Oh my, I made it home and spent the rest of the evening curled up in bed, at night it went on, and even in the morning when I could barely get dressed. Still, I got to work alright, and today feel reasonably better, and yet... it's weird that I started to have these pangs. Constant stomach ache has to be connected with something, there has to be a grounding.
Do you know how to cure stomach ache, especially unexpected, sharp? And what's the matter, what is the reason for it? I believe it might be due to my current type of work, sedentiary kind, or it can be owing to terrible cold which we all are so fed up of, or maybe lack of cleanness at the office. Who knows..
Anyway, I'd like to know how to treat a stomach ache, if you have tips or advice, please, share in comments.

Beautiful wedding bouquets inspirational pictures plus

I know I'm not gonna have a dream fairytale wedding, not even wear a white bridal dress (thanks to my 'super-rich' s/o and his hate for wedding stuff which he calls bulls*it) but this doesn't make me want to stop surfing through beautiful inspirational pictures of wedding bouquets and bridal accessories. So here you go.

kiwi, heart, cup
strawberries, fruit, fresh, delicious

heart, cup, dessert
beautiful wedding bouquet
beautiful wedding bouquet

beautiful wedding dress, princess dress

beautiful wedding dress, princess dress

beautiful wedding dress, princess dress