Day 112 - Weight loss - Muffintop Girl

Day 112 - one big minus is I have almost run out of veggies and fruit as our fridge is full of leftovers and snacks instead of really healthy products. Gonna improve this, and buy some tomatoes, cucumbers and citrus, just for myself. Some food will hopefully reduce my peppery-ism, mood-wise.
Now there is this girl who weighs around 45kg and blogging about how fat she used to be, she says last year she ‘had a pretty bad case of muffintop’ and posts her present-day pictures where there is not a hint at it. Well of course, she weighs only 45kg! What I’m interested in is if I’ll have this damned muffintop when I come to this ‘real skinny’ point. What if not? I so want to rid of it by the warm spring days, I so want to hop in light skirts/shorts not bothering about if I’m still too thick for such clothes… owww, bad thoughts here again ;(