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S/o's been silent for the whole week. God's the witness, I'm not the one who spoils his mood. Yesterday I called him to ask how's it going, to which he said he was in low spirits and didn't want to talk. Fine then. I'd planned to go to the pictures with him to see the film he knows I'm eager to watch, then spend the weekend with him, cook a new dish, well you know this and that to make a nice evening, then set out holiday shopping, but since he prefers to 'forget' about my wishes and is out of sorts I decided not to bother him further yet take advantage of the situation.
I don't think it's right treating well such an indifferent person as him, will you even want such an s/o who contacts you only on Friday? Kinda f*ck buddy type. Suppose he'll be enraged by the news who I'm gonna spend my time with, but come on, isn't it only natural to finally blow off somebody who's been blowing you off all the while? My ex was a royal shit too but I forgave him for the mess he caused and loved still - at least he had a gorgeous tool! In my current relationship I get neither fish nor flesh as physical aspect never makes up for moral misery.
This considered, I'm going to go see 'The Hobbit' with a girl from work. At least we both seem quite excited. Except that I can't sit straight in the theater for 20 minutes, let alone 3 hours, the duration of the movie! It better not suck as I don't want my days-off screwed because of the pain in the ass of a boyfriend and a bad flick. 'The Hobbit' book has been my favorite for a long long time so you could say I'm a nasty critic wrt to J. R. R. Tolkien's works filmed.

Swimming has been productive as of late, as well as night's sleep. Undisturbing and peaceful and tight. Wish it would get warmer outside, I'm tired of heluva frost and fur coat and slippery roads and constant shivering in layers and layers of clothes.

Lakshma Maxxi Intimate Blaching Cream

On another note, my parcel with a whitening cream has arrived. This is insane and stupid, I've been waiting for it for so long, about a month, while usually orders arrive in less than a week. So instead of seeing the effect by New Year I'll see it in mid-January. Like I said, Yoko spa salts seem to be uneffective about skin whitening (in my case), they are good pre-/post-waxing, not skin bleaching products. Therefore, I ordered Lakshma maxxi cream which is highly advised when it comes to sensitive intimate bleaching. I hope it works as wonderfully as the company+reviews assure. After first use luckily no irritation or side effects.

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