Sexy Weekend. Stopping Drinking. Wrist Watch for Women Pictures.

Today I'll talk about the happy sexy weekend I had, plus reasons to stop drinking, and show you pictures of the wrist watch for women I want.

My sexy weekend review 

I now know I haven't made a mistake having asked R. to come spend Saturday with me. My hormone burst makes me crave sex so no wonder I needed him sexually.
We had an amazing evening, with maki sushi and green tea, all this led to a wonderful night. He agreed to spend Sunday with me, almost without 'no's'. Oh, thank god, I'm satsfied, and a love-filled morning turned out awesome too. Much much much sex which traditionally makes me want more and more. The sexy weekend made me happy :)
It's not hard to guess what is my main fear, though. Right, UTI. Often, after active sex it's natural to end up with this terrible inconvenience. I dread it like fire. We had all type of activity, I seldom let myself go like this, enjoying to the full, being horny all the time, dripping, needing, getting it - and therefore, this worry about a bad outcome in the form of a UTI. I keep my fingers crossed these 2 days of fun won't result in it.

I took pleasure in our sex, which appeared especially uninhabited because parents were not hope and I could be more vocal ;) Oh my, a mindblowing weekend for sure! Of course previous weekends were pretty sexy as well but this one passed on a different level of 'freedom'. I took precautions as usual: used the bathroom right after intercouse, took a shower, applied Miramistin - all to decrease the chance of getting a UTI. Yet I'm scared like anything. Varying between many positions, alternating different types of sex... omg I'm afraid. I've learn on my own example active sex may result in a UTI but then again living in permanent constraints, doing it missionary all the time is not for me. Today I feel alright, except the nagging feeling down there which is usually either due to being still horny or a true sign of an infection. I'm a bit tired and sleepy and hungry, this might be because of the swimming in the morning plus activity throughout the afternoon. This time I totally let loose. Will I regret it? Hopefully not. So far, no burning below, just crazy arousal seeming weird to me, I get wet in seconds. Tomorrow is a workday and I better show up as fit as a fiddle. We'll see...

Besides, in March my 4-times-a-week swimming starts, which I'd rather not skip. I plan to go train not only to strengthen immune system but to be in a better shape. I eat a lot, and workout will burn calories. Perhaps I'll even get rid of sides' fat which after 2 years of sports haven't melted, dammit! I stopped drinking Tahn. Looks like this beverage does not have a good influence on me; while it's tasty it causes troubles, it actually causes said unpleasant stinging when I use the bathroom. I stopped drinking it and stinging disappeared.

P. S.: I wrote this post Sunday, and today is Monday. I'm fine, luckily. Woke up and immediately tried to discern if I'm ok or sore. Fortunately, no stinging or pain during urinating. Thank god. The night was peaceful like never before, I didn't even wake up for no reason, sleeping in comfort, warmth. Is it because of hard workout? Does it drain me and therefore I sleep better? Is it because my current job is not stressful and thus I'm psychologically relaxed unlike before when UTIs came at a mere thought of another stressful day at work? Also, nagging is gone. I'm glad the sexy weekend passed so well ;)

Stopping drinking alcohol

Remember, I told you about me stopping drinking and smoking, and that it all happend at once? Today I'll tell you about another reason to stop drinking, namely, why I quit it in a haste. As I noted earlier, smoking affected my health in no time, so I felt no addiction or need for it after I quit. I don't get it how women/girls can smoke, ruining their organs with this harmful habit.

Presently, I don't drink at all. Stopping drinking alcohol is no problem when you realize sobriety will do you immense good. I cannot give you steps or ways to stop drinking, you should figure them out for yourself. i can only tell you six reason to stop drinking which I've found on my own:
1) booze is 90 percent poisonous these days, cheap canned cocktails contain 90 percent artificial stuff, undrinkable and ruinous for your body;
2) buying liquor becomes troublesome as you have to have an ID at you all the time, plus time of sale is limited so you can not go buy it whenever you want;
3) I don't like its smell/taste, and often the effect is zero for me. I can not know for sure if this or that liquor will make me drunk however much I've consumed. Also, hangover is not something we all enjoy;
4) it's a waste of big money - you overpay for any booze, be it quality wine or cheap cocktail, the price doesn't cost its contents;
5) in my case (and many will agree with it) being drunk prevents me from coming, ie I don't orgasm. Being even slightly tipsy already lowers the chance of me climaxing, so drinking is a stop sign for Big O;
6) alcohol is an enemy to health, it can further increase the chance of recurring UTI, all urologists will advise you not to drink.

Here are the reasons to stop drinking from me. Hope you'll find the useful for you.
Meanwhile I'm staying on the bright side, optimistically looking into a happy future. I plan to enter spring 2013 alive and kicking.

happy sexy weekend

Wrist watch for women

Buying watch one of these days. Looks like this type of watch is trendy atm.

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