Day 192 - Weight loss - Why I Hate Expensive Stores.

Day 192 - I totally like Zolla store, even more than Oggi, mainly because how they treat customers and the variety of clothes too, of course. Usually, however, saleswomen leave items lie in heaps, not bothering to sort them. For that reason, many people avoid the stores because they want things to be in order, but I am different. I like these huge boxes filled with mountains of clothes, and it is such a great pleasure to dig in and look through tons of garments. Sweaters, tops, shirts, tunics - all together, but to the weird me it's a special charm ;) Like during the sale, you know, when they drop clothes in ginormous piles and don't care for how long you search them through. I could (and often do) spend hours in such do-whatever-you-please-stay-as-long-as-you-want stores  ;) Well at least assistants don't rush at you from the very doorway and ask what you want, getting you to buy every single item they have. grr, I hate this type of boutiques. The simpler the better.
Every once in a while, though, I drop in 'expensive' chic stores but you can guess how uncomfortable and 'naked' I feel there, with no customers nearby, only half a dozen of assistants watching every step you make and even following after you as you pass from rack to rack. For that matter, I prefer cheaper malls.
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