Day 111 - Weight loss - She needs Serious Treatment

Day 111 - guys, this is.. this is.. um *facepalm* see for yourself. Compare this with how it should be. HOW on earth did she manage to squeeze in this?! OMFG, no kidding, the girl needs serious treatment. I’m sorry to say this but hell, is she in her right mind? The Asian beauty wears size XS so what was the big one thinking buying this item at a kfashion store?! Holy cow, WHY why did she get this thing in the first place? What’s the reason for it?! Oh my, sure I try to be tolerant towards overweight people but when their behavior goes beyond the limits I can’t keep my mouth shut. She shouldn’t have shown the world this picture of her in this sweater, she’s 3 times larger than the Korean girl! But it’s not the end of the story. Later on, after posting the photo, she posts a comment, ‘I jumped for joy when I bought the blouson ‘cuz it looks like in the original picture! It fits perfectly, like on the model.’ What the f*cking F*CK?! What?! No, it’s unbelievable, she must be blind! O.o ‘Blouson’?! Where in the world did she dig this term?! XIXth century?! ‘Looks like in the original’?! Say what?! Alright alright, I wouldn’t blame the lady if she got the item and said nothing, but why post own pic and comment on it? Then she shouldn’t blame me for such rude words. Honestly, I can’t stay silent. All I want (I can’t wait for this moment) is show them REAL pictures, and how these clothes should look on the ‘right’ type of figure. Oh how horrible it is (both family and S/O supported me on this).
On sites, I often read comments like: ‘I’m so thin yet the clothes I bought at your store are even smaller. My bust is 90cm and hips 95cm, and the hoodie sits too tight.’ Ha! Yeah, right. Asian girls’ measurements are way smaller than 90x60x90, so of course our M/L-size girls can’t squeeze into hoodies/dresses/jeans/etc made for chinese, korean and japanese women. How naive, really! Thank god I now can wear these clothes without thinking if I’ll fit or not. With my current measurements I can easily slip in any item, yay me! ;) You too soon will be able to try on what mannequins are dressed in, put a little more effort, you can do it.