Day 167 - Weight loss - The Childish me.

Day 167 - every once in a while I catch myself thinking I gotta be stuck in childhood. As I surf clothes catalogs my eyes mostly stop at girls' dresses, white and frilly and mini - something an average 25yo girl won't choose, but that's me and so far, I cannot change it. This makes me believe I'm still childish... Not that I'm dumb and my conduct is always like this, for I know how a lady should behave and I follow these rules when the situation presupposes thus, but it feels like my inner child pops up every now and then and I give in. It's weird and often judged by others. Say, Mom's constantly trying to get rid of those clothes I wore at 14, my favorite T-shirts and tanktops, not to mention short skirts that once I bought them were immediately thrown into trash ;( My inner me wants to play and have fun... this must be why they say I look a lot younger than my actual age and am often taken for a teen.
Some day I'll take a series of pics like this

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