Day 193 - Weight loss - Spring Here at Last.

Day 193 - I love shopping but recently it's been slightly disappointing. The grocery stores, you know, I can't find anything to match my needs, say, as I pass from row to row I see the products that contradict my ration. I would so like to buy a bun or a can of yogurt, as simple as that - but neither dough not dairy appeals to my taste. *shrugs her shoulders* Not to mention chocolate, candies, juice etc etc - nothing. It's very sad.
For that reason, I usually go to superstores and malls - at least there the choice is bigger and you can find fruit and veggies and seafood, and all kinds of salads.

Speaking of healthy stuff, I'm so in the mood for jap food, miso soup yum-yum ;) it's finally above-zero temperature here, and no snain, and less mud on streets, high time for real spring to come into town! Let myself a bit of indulgence, walking out in a frilly miniskirt and wedges. New-bought sunglasses was a good buy as well, so you could say the weekend passed well ;) Ate jap food but, luckily, didn't overeat, so the scale shows 46 in the morning, not bad.
On with the topic, say what?! Sarcasm as it is. You get the subtext, right?

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