Days 1 - 4 - Let the Journey Begin

Days 1 - 4 - total fails because we went to McD's, so weight loss was out of question. Even if it is 4 nuggets, a coke and french fries you gain weight from it. Girls, advice - while you're on a diet or once you've set your lovely feet on the weight loss track, don't come close to McD's or any other fast food cafe. Refrain from junk food. No burgers, no hotdogs, no fries - too many calories. If possible, no icecream either, esp Baskin Robbins. It's tasty and all, but remember this 'Do you want a gap between your legs or a cake? hipbones or pizza?' You have to change your attitude towards food and eating habits and how much you actually need to eat, but it will all come in the process.