Lavender & Yogurt Yoko Spa Milk Salt. Before you Drink Blue Curaçao Liqueur

As I said in the previous Yoko Spa Milk Salt entry, I didn't notice any immediate effect while the product and some customers state they did. My first package of the salt is almost finished but I see no visible results whitening-wise. The skin is soft, yes, but still dark in some areas. So I'll give Yoko Salts another try after which, if it turns out useless, will move to another cream.

lavender yogurt yoko milk salt

And now some warning for those who's going to drink Blue Curacao cocktails. I wish Google would redirect you to my entry before you panic at the disco toilet ;)
I've been having blue-green bowel movement throughout the whole day. I drank Curacao liqueur the day before, quite a lot of it, but didn't know I would have such a 'colorful' consequence, hehe. Of course I freaked out at the sight of blue BM but then remembered what I'd drunk earlier and calmed down.

Just for you to know, do not think your BM will be necessarily blue. It may be grass-green or any other similar shade, and you may even have to use bathroom more than a few times before the color returns to normal. I near had a heart attack at the sight but then found a message board where somebody had the same problem after a few blue cocktails. What would people do without Internet these days? Phew.