Treatment for Milia. My Swimming Program. Love Flowers Photos.

In this post I'll talk about the treatment for milia which I had recently, how to get rid of whiteheads under eye. Then, some words about my swimming program since spring's coming, and a bunch of love flowers photos, enjoy!

Treatment for milia

Following the post about scalp skin and head scratching problems I'm adding yet another beauty-related entry. I noticed another huge issue which makes me very nervous.
A few years ago I had a milium pop up right in the inner corner of my eye, which was highly uncomfortable. Not that it made it difficult to see or blink, it's the esthetical part that bothered me. So after reading articles on the net I learnt that the best treatment for milia is applying iodine 3 times a day to soften the milium before extricating it with a clean needle, which I did. It was not painful - it was immensely difficult to get to the area almsot inside the eye and get the sh*t out of here. I recall it took a few efforts, a couple of days to finish with the bloody stuff.
This time, out of nowhere, I had two milia under eye, and fuck, they were not invisible. Applying creams didn't help as they didn't disappear, iodine out of question too because I had no luxury to go round the office with a painted brown eye, so after using all sorts of cosmetics and not seeing any improvement for a week I made up my mind to go straight. I took a needle.
Of course I know about the cleanness and precautions so please no worries here, all was done according to the rules.
You can find multiple treatments for milia online therefore I'm not gonna describe what and how to's unless you need my step-by-step tutorial. Let me know if you do and I'll post about it.
The result is pretty good - I didn't have to go to a spa salon where they would do absolutely the same for a pretty sum of money. In salons the profssionals use needles too, and the process of milia removal is identical.
Today is 4 days since I removed the whitehead, redness near gone, skin dried, insecurity vanished.
I've read about causes for milia under eyes and how to avoid the nasty thing, but since I faced this issue again I guess it's only smart to go to a salon and have my skin cleaned deeper as a treatment for milia. Exfoliation/facial for me is a big stress but I feel I need it badly. I honestly can't imagine people have it done several times a month. To me, it's a big step which I dare take obly twice a year. I'll tell you how it'll pass once I return from the salon.

Swimming program

Besides beauty-targeting measures I have also started to aim for health improvement. My after-illness swimming program includes 2 time a week workout at the pool, and I'll try not to skip days, because it's for me and for the better. I've missed a whole month of pool so imagine my muscle ache when I went there last week for the first time. Freestyle is next to impossible!
In March I hope to get a 4 time a week swimming ticket. Keeping my fingers crossed. But first I gotta save up enough to buy said ticket. And good goggles.

Love Flowers Photos

As for personal life, f*ck it! S/o keeps pissing me off on a regular basis, damn it. I'm sorry I'm just very disappointed and wanting to move on already. So some love flower photos to keep us cheerful and in a good mood ;)

yellow, yellow flowers, yellow roses, flowers, bouquet

pink, pink flowers, flowers, bouquet

purple, purple flowers, pink tulips, tulips, flowers, bouquet

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flowers, bouquet, pink, purple, violet

yellow, yellow flowers, flowers, bouquet, pink, pink flowers, purple, purple flowers, white, white flowers

pink roses, flowers, bouquet

pink, pink roses, flowers, bouquet