Facial scrubs. Spa birch tar soap. Yoko Spa Milk Salt Body Scrub

Reviewing the products I've recently bought and am using now, facial scrubs, spa birch tar soap, and yoko spa milk salt.
The soap may be good for cleaning your body but the smell... you wouldn't like it, trust me. It is not the shower soap you are used to, it's slimy and brown, so these qualities alone make it different from balmy colorful products you use to wash yourself LOL.
Cucumber and rose and white tea face scrubs are good, but the latter smells too 'heavy', for the lack of word. Nail polishes are nail polishes, so were bought as new items for my collection.
The Yoko spa milk salt made in Thailand and ordered a month ago has no magical effect some women said it had on them. The skin is softer right after you use it, yes, but as for whitening - no, it probably takes a lot more than 2 weeks to see the result. You'll notice another plus point once you start to use it, though, which I'm not gonna tell you about, haha.
As for today's outfit, my favorite blue fishnet sweater and denim shorts; not too smart of me considering I'm still ill and it's pretty cold in the house, but very comfortable nonetheless. And I gotta think of things to put on on Sunday, when they predict dry warm weather. Hmm, maybe white tights and white furry knee-length sweater together with high-platform boots. I'll post pictures if I choose these clothes.
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yoko spa milk salt scrub

fuchsia-pink-nail polish

spa birch tar soap


long red hair girl

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