Romance. 20 below zero. Fashion Blog. Viagra. Blogskins.

This is purely amazing, oh god I miss romance...

huge bouquet of white roses

and btw have you noticed for some strange reason weheartit these days is all full off marriage-related pics? Can it be due to 12/12/12? Have you made a wish on that day? I did. Is this picture enough to help you guess?^^

The weather is OMG freezing!! It's terribly cold, around -20 degrees, and you can imagine how freakin' awful it feels outside. I'm glad my current job is not about traveling and spending much time outdoors. I stay in the office and don't have to freeze my b*tt in 20 degrees below zero temperature.
I am happy I left my previous job because it supposed a lot of moving round the world and being that type of busy I cannot be. Also, I would have to go to the workshops and communicate with people while it's goddamn so cold. It was cold there in fall, let alone now when even 2 sweaters and 3 pairs of socks fail to save me from the frost. So yeah, it's for the better that I quit that company. Office work differs from active kind by mainly the possibility to do whatever at your computer. Like today, the first time when I had barely an assignment to do, so I'm looking through blogger designs and typing posts.

Have you noticed that Tumblr is very quick about deleting accounts? They do not approve of so many topics, so if you post something they find even mildly insulting they're sure to delete it. Without warning, without seeing the number of followers they erase you. Which happened to me. My hundred of posts and hundred of followers - all in the past (and therefore I moved here). I still plan to revive my Tumblr, reblog posts from here to there occasionally, or make a separate solely fashion related blog. What do you think?

Now on to naughtier things. Have you guys tried Viagra? I'm reading these Viagra-realted reviews and comments, and I'm close to trying it with s/o. Well maybe.. maybe not. I'd actually give it a try on the New Year's night if we were together but looks like it's not gonna happen.
S/o keeps nagging me to go abroad with him, after getting married. Do I want to? Ermm, no, I don't think it's right, since I love this country, and my family, and even start to like my job. Yeah I kinda hoped we'd be husband and wife but not in this 'let's get married and fly tomorrow' manner. This doesn't mean I don't want to get married. I do, and soon.

Meanwhile it's getting colder outside - can it grow yet frostier actually? Obviously yes, since they forecast 25 below zero next week, which will make me put on 4 turtlenecks plus sweater and 4 pairs of socks. Ok, if we have to live in this hell, my craving for chocolate and substantial food can be satisfied, just as the desire to take hot baths and drink latte. Chocolate Baskin Robbins I wouldn't say no to ;)

choco baskin robbins

vintage backpack

Looks like fashion for square backpacks returns, now it's called vintage.

Oh yes, one can never get enough of blogskins. A diamond! But I'm so sleepy and tired after a long Friday I better go to bed. G'night everyone ;)