Day 166 - Weight loss - Weigh-in at the Doctor's.

Day 166 - been off the diet throughout the weekend, eating almost as much as/when I wanted: meat, soup, vegs, fruit, cookies, coffee with cream and sugar and whatnot; feeling a bit guilty but contented :)
Oh! It was a marvelous beginning of the day when, upon entering the office, I was complimented with, 'By looking at young girls we can feel real spring coming!' Oww isn't that sweet? ;) Wish you too would be flattered like this. Means by just looking at me that person felt elated and spring-fresh? *bows* I haven't heard cute things like this for quite a while.
A story from my past: before I went to Uni, and I was 16 then, we all had this obligatory weigh-in at the doctor's, and I remember the scale showed 53kg. Just fancy - 53!! Fat cow! Then, however, I didn't feel overweight, and odd weight didn't bother me. Now, though, '53' sounds to me horrible.
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